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Tocumen International Panama City Airport PTY – Information and Directions

Tocumen International Panama City Airport PTY – Information and Directions

Panama City Airport Tocumen PTY.  The Tocumen International Airport in Panama City – PTY is located in the neighborhood of Tocumen in the East side of Panama City.   It is recognized as one of the most important airports in the region.    The Panama City international airport code is PTY.

The Panama City Aiport IATA Code is PTY

The Tocumen International Panama City Airport is operated by Aeropuerto Internacional de Tocumen, S.A. a company registered in Panama that governs all the operations and regulations in the administration of the airport.

In the year 2012 Tocumen reached a traffic of almost 7 million passengers, with an increase of 19,1% over the previous year.  This numbers put the international airport in Panama city as the airport with most traffic in all Central America.  The second phase of the airport was opened last year, which would allow the airport to handle up to 50% of it’s traffic capacity.

Tocumen Interational Panama City Airport

Tocumen Interational Panama City Airport

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Airlines that fly to Panama City Tocumen International Airport

Tocumen International Airport currently has direct flights to all major cities in Latin America.  Copa Airline is the biggest one right now.  Copa was founded back in 1944 and currently has over 310 daily flights to 65 destinations in 29 countries; the international airport of Panama City is being use as its main HUB, or better known to be the Hub of the Americas!

Copa is the Biggest airline operating in Tocumen

Among the airlines that fly to the International Tocumen Panama City Airport:

From Europe: Air Frace (Via Paris), Iberia (Madrid), Condor (Frankfurt)

From America: Aires , American Airlines, Avianca,  Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, , Grupo Taca,  LAB and United

Tocumen International Airport Panama City – Directions

It is pretty convenient to get to the International Airport in Panama City, the Corredor Sur (South Highway) connects it directly to the city.  Traffic going to the city during weekdays is heavy during the morning (6:30 – 8:30 am) and the other way around in the afternoon (4:30 -7:00 PM).

Car Rentals: After arriving Tocumen, once you exit the airport there are a few car rentals company located inside the airport.

Taxi: Taking a Taxi from the Panama City Airport is quite easy, as you exit the airport, there are many taxi options available, from a small sedan up to a Van if you are in a Group.  The cost per person is around 28 USD, if you are a party of two or more, you can bargain the price a little bit.

Public Transportation:  Unfortunately there isn’t any decent public transportation that you can take from the Tocumen International Airport.   You might get a connection to Tocumen, but the bus will leave you in the main road, we really don’t recommend it.

Official website of the Tocumen Interational Aiport in Panama City:


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