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paradise model
Definition of Paradise

The Definition of Paradise: German car, US Salary, Chinese food and…

The Definition of Paradise: German car, US Salary, Chinese food and…

This post is dedicated to all my Expat friends.  I always joke around with them that the lifestyle they have here in Panama truly represents this old definition about Paradise I heard a few years back.

Have you ever heard about this?  Paradise is…

Earning US Salary

paradise us salary

paradise us salary

Source: Flickr

Expats are usually working in a Multinational company, most likely under the special SEM law which means that you will earn a Good Salary and DON’T HAVE TO PAY TAXES!

Driving a German Car

paradise german car

German Car

Source: Flickr

Premium Top Branded German cars, all over in Panama.  Again, as an Expat, you can easily buy a nice BMW or Audi for a discounted price (Expats don’t have to pay Import Duties – 25% on Luxury Cars)

Living in a British House

Panama All Inclusive Intercontinental Playa Bonita

British Home

Source: Flickr

If you negotiated your contract well, you should have a decent house allowing that would allow you to rent a nice Ocean Front apartments in Costa del Este or Punta Pacifica.

Enjoying some Chinese Food

paradise chinese food

Chinese Food

Source: Flickr

There are lots good and very traditional Chinese restaurants in Panama.  You can even have a high quality Dim Sum close to the HK or Guangzhou standards.

And… Finding a Latin Lover

paradise model

Paradise: Latin Lover

Source: Flickr

Well, last but not least, we all know Latin women are HOT, you will be amazed by the beauties you will find in this lovely country. Finding a nice local Panamanian girlfriend or wife is not an issue!

Welcome to Panama….Welcome to Paradise!

(Some says that Hell would be the opposite: Earning Latin America salary, driving a Chinese car, living in a German house, eating American (junk) food, finding a British lover).  It is Just for Fun, Please don’t take it so serious!

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