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Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair
Expocomer 2015 Panama Trade Fair

Expocomer 2015 Panama – Panama City Trade Fair 2015

Expocomer 2015 Panama – The International Trade Fair in Panama City, Panama

Expocomer 2015 Panama.  Once again, the famous trade fair –Expocomer, one of the most important trade fair in the region, Expocomer 2015 is going to coming back next year to Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City (PTY), this time will be from the 11th to the 14th of March 2015.   In the last twenty six years, this trade fair has welcomed thousands and thousands of visitors from around the world, most importantly from the nearby countries in central America and the Caribbean.

As usual, Expocomer 2015 will receive visitors from Africa, Asia, America and Europe, counting with more than 2500 companies in order to explore commercial opportunities; Expocomer represent a window to the regional traders in Latin America, which comes back to Panama year after year to visit the trade fair.

Panama is still one of the fastest growing country in Latin America, which is considered by many as the “Dubai” of Latin America, due to its accelerated growth in the last few years, especially in the tourism and real states industries.  It has a strategic Geographic’s position which serves as base for a multimodal transportation system which connects the world and the two oceans with the Panama Canal, currently under expansion – the most important project in the country

In Expocomer trade far,  you can find a wide variety of products and services, ranging from Agriculture, home appliances, food to the latest technologies.  They are divided into five main categories which are: food, textiles, construction, technology and services.  The wide variety of items and high attendance of international entrepreneurs make it highly efficient the access to new markets.

Expocomer 2015 – Panama great place to do business

Panama offers great opportunities for multinational companies to come and settle down, it has a stable political situation and excellent tax treatment for foreign companies that want to come and establish regional offices in Panama. Come and Visit Panama in March 2015 and you will find lots of business opportunities in Expocomer Panama 2015!

Below is the Expocomer Panama 2015 Promotional Video:

Official Expocomer 2015 pagehttp://expocomer.com/

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