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Expocomer Panama 2014
Expocomer Panama 2014

Expocomer 2014 Panama – The International Trade Fair in Panama City, Panama

Expocomer 2014 Panama – The International Trade Fair in Panama City, Panama

Expocomer 2014 Panama.  One of the most important trade fair in the region, Expocomer 2014 is going to take place in the Atlapa Convention Center in Panama City between March 26 and 29.   In the last twenty five years, Expocomer has received over 785 thousand visitors.  The fair started with 140 Exhibitors and in 2013 it exceeded 500 exhibitors already.

Expocomer is one of the most important trade fair in the Latin America region

Year after year Expocomer reinforces its position as the most important trade show in the region.   Exhibitors and Business men from different countries around the world come and meet in this trade

In Expocomer you will find a huge diversity of products and services, from Agriculture to the latest technologies.  They are divided into five main categories which are: food, textiles, construction, technology and services.  The wide variety of items and high attendance of international entrepreneurs make it highly efficient the access to new markets.

Expocomer facilitates business thought more than 1500 meetings and contacts generating around 100 million dollars in transactions during the four days of trade show.    It is also the venue for important conferences for trending topics.

Expocomer is the perfect place for companies to show case their products and services to Latin America market.  It’s also a good opportunity to evaluate your competitors and do some benchmarking on your industry.   Many businessmen in the Region come to the Expocomer Trade Fair year after year to look for new business opportunities.

Expocomer 2014 – Panama as Strategic Place to grow your business

Panama is a great place to do business, with its strategic geographical position, a developed financial and banking center and the Free Zone in Colon City used as a main Hub for companies to import products and re-export them to their customers in the Latin America and Caribbean Region.

Come and Visit Panama in March and Join us in Expocomer Panama 2014!

Below is the Expocomer Panama 2014 Promotional Video:

Source: http://expocomer.com/


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