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Colon City Panama
Colon City Panama

City of Colon Panama: Information and Travel tips

City of Colon Panama: Information and Travel tips

Colon Panama: Information and Travel tips. The City of Colon in Panama is the second largest in the country.  It is located in the beautiful Atlantic Coast I the North shore of the Country, just 80 Kilometers away from Panama City.

The City of Colon is famous by its Free Trade  Zone or Zona Libre de Colon, which is dedicated to the re-exporting of goods to Latin America and Caribbean Countries.

Colon if famous by it’s people, it’s food and the rich history if has to offer to the visitors.

City of Colon – Places to Visit

Gatun Locks:  the third set of the Panama Canal Locks is located in the City of Colon, in Gatun.  I personally think it is the most beautiful one.  It has less amenities than Miraflores, but you get a bird eye view of the process from start to finish.  Entry cost is 5.00 USD

Colon Panama - Gatun Locks

Colon Panama – Gatun Locks

Source: Flickr

Portobelo:  Founded in 1597 by the Spanish, it was one of the richest town in that era.  It is free to visitors and you can see numerous artifacts.  Don’t forget to visit Iglesia de San Juan de Dios (old church), Fuertes de Santiago de La Gloria, San Jerónimo, San Fernando y San Fernandino.  Portobelo is 40 minutes away from Colon City

Colon Panama - Portobelo

Colon Panama – Portobelo

Source: Flickr

Fort San Lorenzo: It was built to protect the coast from the Pirates.  This fortress is built on the mountains and has an overlook to the Chagres River.

Colon Panama - Fuerte San Lorenzo

Colon Panama – Fuerte San Lorenzo

Source: Flickr

Isla Grande: very close to Colon is the small Isla Grande. It is ideal for a day trip. The small island offer a sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

Isla Grande - Along the Shore

Isla Grande – Along the Shore

Source: Flickr

City of Colon Panama – Directions and Transportation

By Train:  There is a train that runs daily to Colon.  It is operated by the Panama Canal Railway Company and runs daily departing from Panama at 7:15am ad coming back from Colon at 5:15PM.  The cost is 25.00 USD one way but it is worth it.  You will have an enjoyable ride that goes through part of the Panama Canal where you will see the forest and mountains, the Rio Chagres and Gatun Lake.  There is a glass ceiling in the main cabin, or you can also stand outside and enjoy the fresh air.

By Bus:  You can take a Bus that will take you directly to Colon in the Albrook Bus Terminal (Piquera De Buses Panama – Colon Utracolpa).  It is located in Platform 33-34 in the North Walkway.  Tickets can be bought in offices B-17 and B-18.

Regular Hours: depart every 30 minutes from 6:30 am to 11:30 pm.  The Express Bus (Non-Stop) runs every hour.  It cost you 2.50 each way and takes around 75 minutes.

By Car: After the opening of the Corredor Norte (North Highway), it is quite easy to get to the City of Colon.  If you are in Panama City, the easiest way is taking this highway, once you are in, it’s around 80Kms (50 minutes ride).  The complete toll fee is around 5.00 USD

Taxi:  You can rent a Taxi or private transport from Panama City to Colon, the round trip should be around 125 to 160 USD.

By Air:  The Colon City Airport – Enrique Adolfo Jiménez Airport is a commercial airport located in the City of Colon.  Currently there is no regular commercial flight between Panama City and Colon.

Colon City Picture Source: Flickr

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