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Causeway Panama Amador
Causeway Panama Amador

Causeway Panama Amador – complete guide

Causeway Panama Amador – complete guide

Causeway Panama Amador Coastway.  Causeway Amador (some people may call it “Coastway”) is one of the top touristic destinations in Panama City, this six-kilometer long causeway that connects Four Islands to the Amador neighborhood, the islands are:  Naos Island, Culebra Island, Perico Island and Flamenco Island at the end.

You can find lot of tourist in Causeway Panama in any given day, people doing exercises (walking, running, biking or roller blading), staring at the magnificent view to the Panama City or simply enjoying a nice meal in one of the many good restaurants there.

Causeway Panama Amador – History

The history of Causeway Amador dates back to the Spanish colonial time, Spanish used the islands to land the treasures they brought from Peru that were stolen from the Incas.  Later on, Causeway became part of the Grant Fort, utilize to guard the entrance of the canal from any possible attach.

Causeway Panama Amador – What to do?

Many people go to Causeway to exercise.  There are some bike renting places where you can rent a personal or family (up to 4 parties) bike, scooters or inline skates.

You can also visit the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute at Punta Culebra where they have a Marine Exhibition Center where visitors can observe the tropical environment and species that is very abundant in Panama.

The Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum that is located in Causeway Amador will open its doors to the public in 2014.  The New Panama Convention center is also under construction and will be located in Amador.

Causeway Panama: Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum

Causeway Panama: Frank Gehry Biodiversity Museum

Source: Flickr

Causeway Panama Amador – Where to eat?

There are dozens of restaurants in Causeway, from typical Panamanian food to a good meat restaurant!  Here are my recommendations:

Mi Rachito, a very nice traditional typical Panamanian food, this place is always crowded; Food is great, fast service and good price.  It is not only a restaurant for tourist, may locals go there as well.

Pencas Restaurat  – Also typical Panamanian restaurant, it is at the entrance of Causeway.

Alberto’s: Nice Italian restaurant, you can seat outside with a great view to the Panama City Skyline.  Next to Alberto you can find Leños y Carbon, nice meat restaurant.

If you only want to enjoy some cold beers in a warm afternoon, go to Balboa Yacht Club.

Causeway Panama Amador – How to get there?

Causeway Amador is located just 15 minutes to the west of Panama City.  Traffic can be heavy between 5:00 to 7:00 PM.  The 3rd phase of the Cinta Costera will be ready soon and it will connect you directly to Causeway Amador.

Go to the very beginning of Causeway, behind TGI Friday’s Restaurant, there you can have a great view to the America’s Bridge (Puente de Las Americas)

There is a Duty Free at the end of the Causeway (Isla Flamenco) as a tourist you can get in with your passport and do some shopping. The prices for some top branding liquor are quite good

Header Picture Source: Flickr


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